Bathroom trends more than a trend

The role of the hotel bathroom has changed dramatically in recent years due to global design influences and raised guest expectations leading to a more personalized bathing and bathroom experience. Guest bathrooms need to make a statement and their performance must meet and exceed guest expectations offering something over and above the comfort of their own homes. The hotel bathroom has emerged from a "utilitarian needs-only space" into an area where the luxuries become not only the center piece of the bathroom but a key selling point for the hotel. For many hotel guests, the bathroom holds a special place: other than the comfort of the bed the guest bathroom is the single most important part of the hotel experience. Bathrooms now draw customers and hoteliers realize that by investing in the bathroom and providing a luxury experience to the guest they can more easily separate themselves from the competition. This is particularly true in upscale properties where the bathroom has evolved into a personal sanctuary for relaxation and well-being and is now an integral part of the hotel’s brand identity. A decade after Westin's Heavenly Bed sparked the hotel industry's bed wars, that famous mattress might soon find itself supplanted in the minds of guests and marketers alike by the celestial bathroom. The emerging importance of the bath area is at the cornerstone of Alison’s success. In today’s competitive market, yesterday’s amenities have become today’s necessities. In today’s world many travelers spend most of their “wake time” in the bathroom. Henceforth the bathroom has become the hallmark of luxury for today’s successful hotelier where even the smallest investment will be noticed and appreciated. This affords the hotelier an inexpensive way to distinguish their hotel from their competition while providing their guests with an immediate upgrade. It is for this reason, smart investors start in the bathroom.

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