China is above all

China's expansion is striking by its scale for a long time already. Almost no sphere currently exists that would not demonstrate the influence of the Chinese market. Almost all hotel chains now have the most modern equipment. "Made in China" is not the synonym of poor quality and low price any longer. In November, our company's top managers visited Mingfai, one of the most widely known companies of the hospitality segment. The company founded in 1980 in Hongkong is now the leader among manufacturers of hotel accessories and hotel cosmetics. Products range from guest room accessories, small appliances, dining & kitchen supplies, banquet tables, bedding to glassware, ceramics, cleaning equipment and supplies an ect. allow Mingfai to create a true sense of the "five-star service experts". Efficiency, high quality and professionalism are the features characterizing our partnership for 3,5 years already. New challenging targets and ambitious projects in the field of hospitality are waiting us in future!

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