To sleep like a royal

For more than one hundred years already Hypnos, UK creates luxurious beds and hand-made mattresses. The best homes, palaces and hotels, both in the UK and worldwide, still rely upon the quality of Hypnos' products.
Each stylish bed offered by Hypnos is made by artisans from Buckinghamshire, England. Their passion, experience and respectful attention to details warrant a breathtaking quality of products and an exclusive rest.

Hypnos is the sole supplier of the British Royal Family and the Royal Court since 1929. Beds and mattresses are present in such royal residences as the Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, St. James Palace, etc. The perfect record of the company and the best British quality are confirmed by the royal license issued by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the Second.

No other than the best and natural materials, such as wool, bamboo, alpaca, horsehair, silk, cashmere, camel hair, cotton, pashmina, etc., are used for manufacturing mattresses and beds.

The materials are not allergenic and ensure a proper stiffness. Unlike synthetic fillers, they allow one's body breathing and maintain a comfortable temperature balance.
All beds are made as a kind of sleeping systems: a spring mattress with natural fillers is laid upon a spring base. Just such complex system is able to support the spine bone properly, to ensure the relevant comfort and to increase life of the mattress.

All mattresses и beds are covered by Hypnos' 10-year warranty, so you will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep for a long time.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us regarding products and selection of the most proper type of mattress or bed.

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